Hi, I'm Tara!

Where do I even begin?

Chances are you are familiar with the saying "I love what I do." As simple and cliche as it may be, I believe it was made for me. I never imagined this would be my full-time job. Home decorating, personalizing, organizing, and planning were things I have always enjoyed doing. We all have defining moments in our life, and I remember a few of mine that made me realize this was my calling. Have you ever met a person who is unbelievably talented at something without formal training? I believe there are people who are gifted in certain areas regardless if the person has attended a prestigious school for interior design, or a world renowned academy. Although a trade can be taught, the individuals who posses a natural ability to see things differently are the ones who will make the greatest impact on your home and your life.


the nest… five years ago my husband and I became empty nesters. Our daughter went off to college and suddenly I found myself in a panic. Who do I cook for? What do I do with her room? I questioned everything. The holidays, spring break, and even everyday life. It was a whole new chapter for us. Then I realized the importance of "keeping our nest feathered" so our daughter would feel welcomed when she came home to visit, so we could have guests, so our home would be a warm place for gatherings. I stay inspired by the people in my life, and am driven by the memories and moments that I've been lucky enough to share with my husband and daughter over the years.


When you walk into a person's home, how does it make you feel? Does this home make you feel hugged and welcomed, or is it stuffy, impersonal and uncomfortable or worse, is it screaming at you to "GET OUT!" We've all experienced one of those situations. Sometimes the homes that hug you are hugging you because of the love of the people who live there, but design-wise the home itself may not reflect that. Or maybe you've been in a person's home that looks straight out of a magazine, but you can't wait to leave because it makes you feel uncomfortable and like you should be wearing a plastic suit. I want to teach you some basic things that will transform your space, and allow you to continue to grow your story and your home far beyond the time we spend together.


Speaking of together, did I mention I want to do this TOGETHER? You need to know that I am not an interior designer who is going to meet you once, then take your Pinterest board or magazine cut-outs and duplicate them. I want your home to reflect your personality and your family's story. This takes time and thought and care. It goes beyond just decorating your home for the sake of it looking impressive to other people. You should LOVE your home and love being IN your home, regardless if a stranger or a friend ever step foot inside.


One thing I hear over and over again when meeting with new clients is "I know what I want, but I can't make it happen." I am willing to start slow and just give you ideas, or we can go full force and completely re-organize and re-work your home. It is up to you. I am here for you. When you're ready, I'm ready. I want to work with you, for you. I'm about you, your life, your moments and what's important and special to you and your family. I want to use your things in a new way and help you use your space more efficiently for your specific needs.


I consider the nest... to be more than just my "full-time job." For me it is a way of life, and I'm preparing you... once we start, there's no turning back. I am ready when you are. Whether you're a mom with little ones still running around, single, or just needing a fresh outlook on your home, I want to help you keep your nest feathered.

I love what I do…