Getting rid of pillows stuffed with polyfill and replacing them with down filled pillows will instantly make your home feel cozy. Not only are they more comfortable, they also last longer and typically come with removable pillow covers that can be washed or changed when you want to try something new. 


Say goodbye to silk flowers and plants! I love the idea of adding a fresh bouquet of flowers in different rooms of your home. But, if you aren't one to replace flowers every week, try a more economical solution by adding live plants, or greenery that dries beautifully, such as boxwood.


Books!! I love books!!!! Books tell your story. If you're a dog lover, collect books about dogs. I'm all about collections, and a personal library is one of the easiest ways to tell your story. I could go on and on about books, but I'll just let them speak for themselves.


I tell all of my clients to start investing in candles that not only smell nice, but also stays true to your decor. Spreading candles throughout your home creates a pulled together, thoughtful atmosphere. Have your signature smell (I love that idea), or change your smells throughout the seasons. 


Baskets are the perfect vessels for shoes, coats, pillows, extra blankets, plants, fruits, etc...They bring texture, warmth, usefulness, and also add layers and dimension to your home. This, combined with the other ideas mentioned above, will make a huge impact in your home.