Words cannot describe my love for Tara! She has changed my life and helped me in so many ways. I thought I was organized until I met Tara. She has helped me put systems in place to keep me organized. I have a hard time making decisions so I never did anything to decorate my house. With Tara it’s so fun and so much less stressful decorating your house. I love to be home now!! Thank you Tara!
— Liz J.
It’s hard to put into words what Tara’s craft... Tara’s talent has brought to our home. Peaceful, simple, meaningful, purposeful, personal. Those words describe what she does, who she is. It goes so much deeper than the new piece we buy or the old piece we let go. I think about being in my space as I drive home from work. I feel relief when I walk into our bedroom that’s become my sanctuary. I’m home...and there’s no where in the world I’d rather be.
— Dianne A.
I love love love working with Tara. She is positive, upbeat, and fun to work with. She is knowledgable in knowing how to put a room together, yet flexible with the whims and sometimes crazy ideas the client might have- very diplomatic! She can make it happen. Another plus in working with Tara, she is dependable and on time. She recognizes time is valuable so she is on time and then works quickly to get the job done!
— Lisa J.
Tara is every women’s dream! She will come into your home, look around and knows exactly where you need her help and most importantly where to begin. She will organize, rearrange and redecorate and can work with any budget. She is very honest, up-to-date and aware of what’s trending and timeless. Our home feels like a home since Tara has put her special touch on it.
— Gail M.